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Education Services

A UK boarding school education is considered the best in the world with the emphasis on fostering and developing the academic, sporting, cultural and artistic talents of students to help shape confident, young people capable of independent thought and leadership. The experience of students from boarding schools differs in that it provides both the highest standards of education as well as developing personal and social skills outside the classroom. As a result students emerge with qualifications that will enable them to progress to University but with social and business skills that will help them thrive in their chosen career.

Wilton Education Services provides professional advice and helps parents to select the right school within the UK so that their child can grow to his or her full potential, to achieve excellent academic results and become well-rounded freethinking individuals. We work with leading UK boarding schools helping parents and children through each step in the process from initial assessment through to their first day at school.

There are many elements that need to be taken into consideration such as the child’s abilities and grades, selecting the right school, enrolling and providing guardianship and support in both term time and during the holidays.