Wilton Captive Services is a UK advisory and facilitation partner providing turn-key debt, equity or hybrid solutions. We partner exclusively with high net worth, private family offices and small to medium sized enterprises assisting them with the design and establishment of the debt structure and by internally placing the institutional debt.

The management team at Wilton have the qualifications, experience and knowledge to advise on appropriate client structures. Wilton have developed an effective method of combining insurance based solutions to enhance investor protection and provide the means by which the cost of debt can be reduced.

Wilton offer this service on three levels:

  • We will consider applications for debt/equity as principal issuer of the debt for transactions between 5m and 20m;
  • We will design, establish and place client debt/equity issuance as principal on behalf of the client on transactions between 20m and 50m;
  • We will design, establish and place client debt/equity requirements for transactions above 50m (no upper limit) with external institutions.

Wilton recognise and accepts that attracting investor support for alternative structured investments was never easy but in light of the recent pandemic, the market is witnessing a cautious investor retreat from the corporate debt market.

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Wilton have devised an innovative approach and a “turn-key” solution for those seeking to raise competitively priced institutional debt. The solution addresses the current difficult market conditions, provides greater investor protection and reduces our clients’ debt servicing costs.

For investing institutions, our solution provides:

  • A high rating for the debt issuance through our insurance based solutions;
  • A high degree of comfort knowing the insurance solutions are from a globally branded, highly rated insurer;
  • A high degree of protection and certainty on the servicing of the debt;
  • Certainty on the ultimate redemption.

For our clients’, our solution provides:

  • An ideal solution for high growth, early stage funding through to supra national debt requirements;
  • A highly competitive and low costed debt solution;
  • A highly secure solution that consequentially reduces the cost of the debt;
  • Certainty at redemption.

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