“I grew up in Birmingham but moved to London for University – to study mathematics at Kings College. I love Birmingham and still go back, on occasion, to see friends and family. But, once I arrived in London, I knew I wouldn’t leave. My mum loves London but – I suspect – that’s because I’m here. My dad – not so much.

Having initially studied Accountancy, I partly moved to Tax because the “legal” aspect is ever-changing. I find it genuinely exciting that the tax landscape is constantly moving – it stays fresh and appeals to the part of me that loves to read and study. I read all the tribunal cases and am fascinated by the wider precedents that are set by their outcomes. It’s important to stay up-to-date with the big events in tax but, also, I just enjoy it.

I guess you could say that I fell into the world of Tax, though. My career started just down the road from Wilton’s Mayfair office, where I was taken on by a small, single-office firm as a Tax Junior. Over the next ten or so years, I simply worked my up through the ranks. I became AAT and then ATT qualified and rose from semi-senior to senior, to assistant manager and so on. I was awarded a Distinction in my Personal Taxation exam which, looking back, made for slightly more rapid progression.

Having said I fell into it, Tax has actually proved the perfect fit for my skills and personality. I’m very meticulous by nature and enjoy the administrative aspect of it; filing, keeping things in order, meeting deadlines. But Tax, I’ve learnt, is the combination of three elements – numerical, legal and administrative – and it’s not enough be strong in one area and not the others.

I chose to work at Wilton because of the sheer variety of clients I get to deal with (although the Mayfair location was also a factor!) Previously, I had worked for quite specialised, single-office firms. Wilton, on the other hand, has a number of different arms and, therefore, serves the needs of a diverse group of people. This allows me to be quite creative with the advice that I give. One minute I could be giving some Inheritance Tax advice, the next I could be drafting an intellectual property structuring or helping an Owner-Manager sell their business. I’ve got the whole range!

Outside of work, one of the things I love to do – apart from going on holiday – is play badminton. I’ve played since I was young and am competitive by nature. I also love to travel and have set my sights on a trip to Istanbul this year.”