Open: August 2020

What we are doing for the company

  • Corporate Finance advisory services through fund raising

Company details

  • Apposta allows the customer to create made-to-measure shirts using premium Italian fabrics and four generations of shirtmaking expertise. Apposta’s website offers the world’s largest range of customisation options and fabrics, so that the customer is guaranteed to create the shirt that’s the perfect fit for him.
  • E-commerce company that produces made to measure shirts;
  • Relatively autonomous process from ordering to delivery of shirts;
  • £1m+ revenue selling over 40,000 shirts in 90 countries;
  • Year on Year revenue growth despite Covid-19 and lockdown;
  • Highly sustainable business with minimal CO2 footprint and waste;
  • 3000 reviews on TrustPilot achieving a rating of “Excellent”;
  • Apposta is 100% made-to-order, intrinsically highly sustainable: ZERO stock, ZERO wastes.
  • Successful business model with clear competitive advantage;
  • Established operations with 40,000 shirts sold in 90 countries;
  • Break-even reachable in Q1 2021;
  • Visible exit within 3-4 years to a strategic or financial buyer.



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