Wilton is now able to offer our clients captive insurance services.Essentially this is a form of self-insurance where the insurer is owned by the insured.We can offer a number of options, that allow you to take control of your insurance costs, cover and service needs.

Captive Insurance

Once the preserve of the corporate world, more high net worth clients, private family offices and successful enterprises are realising the benefits of forming their own insurance company to insure their assets and commercial activities. Conventional off the shelf insurance frequently fails to meet the needs of our clients. This is usually due to price, cover and service, taking control of these elements through the ownership of your own insurance company has significant appeal.

We are different from our competitors as we are a fully client focused professional services business that puts you at the heart of everything we do.

The following is a summary of the main benefits afforded by a captive: 


Risk and Cost Control


Wealth Generation and Preservation

When access to capital is difficult, and insurance premiums firming to unknown previous high levels, our clients are best placed to assume greater control of their risk management and cost controls. There has never been a better opportunity for our clients with strong balance sheets, to benefit from the considerable advantages of establishing their own captive.

Wilton has direct experience of designing, establishing and managing protected cell companies. We work with our clients to assist them, acting as principal, to build and develop their own captive insurer.

The initial establishment of a captive cell is often driven by the need for insurance coverage for previously uninsurable risk, or based on a new debt issuance. This then leads to wider use and application within the clients personal and business interests.

What we do

Wilton works with an internationally diverse range of clients and has interests in a wide range of industry sectors.
We partner exclusively with high net worth, private family offices and small to medium sized enterprises acting in a position as a principal for our clients captive business, to create risk management alternatives, specifically to meet the financial objectives of our clients.
Wilton helps its clients identify and deploy the right captive insurance structure enabling them to take control of their costs and risk management, respond proactively to volatile insurance market conditions and achieve greater profitability.
Using our combined experience and expertise, we also assist clients in the design and creation of structured, institutional debt issuance, which we innovatively combine with our insurance based surety solution. This provides enhanced protection for both the client and the investor, and helps the client achieve a higher rated debt issue and corresponding lower annual coupon costs.

Wilton offers this service on three levels:

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