We incorporate and administer companies in most jurisdictions in London. We identify and manage legal, fiscal and regulatory obligations.

We offer extensive technical advice and assistance across a range of business and legal issues including, share capital restructuring and rights, support for public market listings, regulatory compliance obligations and drafting of legal documentation. Wilton will make sure all the companies are compliant with the local regulations from the start. We will negotiate legal complexities and identify regulations in such areas as Data Protection, VAT and Taxation Registration. Our knowledge of specific jurisdictions within London allows our clients to launch and develop their companies with confidence.

Local legislation often states that certain company directors should be based in a particular country. Sometimes it is simply more convenient to have directors located where the company is registered. In either case, Wilton can provide experienced directors locally to fulfil the necessary criteria. The Company Secretary tracks a company’s life from formation to floatation. The role includes the preparation of formal board papers, the operation of good corporate governance and the recording of the minutes. Company Secretaries may also be responsible for filing the Annual Report and Accounts. Wilton can provide a qualified Company Secretary to ensure this specialist field is managed professionally and expertly. To encourage employees to perform to their best and help build shareholder value Wilton has developed a number of share option schemes and Employee Benefit Trusts.

Wilton’s licensed trust Company can establish and manage a Trust and its assets on behalf of the Beneficiaries. A company’s ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ can be retained and protected in a Trust allowing the value of the idea to accrue outside the main trading business. International Structuring is a component of Wilton’s range of wealth management strategies.

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