Wilton provide a bespoke property tax planning service to those who wish to acquire UK properties in the most tax efficient manner; without such appropriate planning there are considerable risks to the unwary of significant UK tax costs, not only on acquisition but also on continuous ownership and ultimate disposal.

The acquisition of UK properties can involve investment or development issues and in both the cases a different tax treatment and strategy is required. Properties can also be developed and then held for investment; this approach requires additional tax planning which will need to be put in operation, not only to mitigate the taxation of trading income but also to shelter from any future capital gains and, potentially, UK inheritance tax.

There is an element of risk in any planning and it is essential that all transactions undertaken are commercial and comply with normal business procedures. Included, and critically important in all Wilton tax planning advice, is the need for tax transparency so that the utilisation of UK property tax legislation, Case Law, Tax Treaty and European cross border legislation allows for a robust defence against any HMRC enquiry.

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