Cambridge Orthopaedic Labs Receives FDA Clearance for PolyArmour in the US

Cambridge Orthopaedic Labs (COL), the medical device company with which Wilton has a long-standing relationship, are delighted to announce their FDA clearance for the use of PolyArmour in the US. As they continue on their journey toward commercialization, this is a significant milestone for the company and rewards for the tireless work of both their scientists and corporate team.

The company has developed a ground-breaking, non-invasive external fixator, named PolyArmour, for the treatment of broken bones. Throughout the last few years, COL has been preparing their technology for commercialization both in the UK and abroad.

Having received FDA clearance this week, the company can soon expect to make its significant contribution to the treatment of fractures, and beyond. The process to obtain clearance to sell PolyArmour technology in the UK and EU are now well underway.

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