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Luxury Assets Management

Wilton provides a comprehensive service to help you manage your luxury assets. Our specialist teams are able to source, purchase, import, export, register and insure luxury assets. We have experience with yachts, light aircraft, jets and helicopters management.

We can help you to identify the most efficient ownership vehicle. For example, our specialist service includes, establishing legal title.

The choice of registration depends upon the use and location. For yachts, registration under the British Red Ensign flag is the most universally accepted. The Isle of Man offers both a marine and aviation register. We have also registered yachts in Cayman and many other locations. In the UK we are able to register high emission supercars.

Our accounting team is able manage all the paperwork for your luxury assets, such as annual or monthly accounts, payroll for crew or teams that manage your luxury assets, even mooring and bunkering for yachts. Our teams will take care of the paperwork and management so you can enjoy yourself.

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