OnePlanetCapital Completes Second Round of Investments

OnePlanetCapital, our Sustainability Investment fund, completed their second round of investments earlier this month. Having established themselves at the forefront of the green industrial revolution, the fund are now delivering on their target of 2.5X returns on investments.

This second round of investments, like the last, will be spread across four high-growth potential companies – all of which are combating climate change and improving the environmental prospects of the planet.

Swytch Bike, the  first of these  companies, is the world’s leading eBike conversion kit company. Their innovative product can convert 99% of all standard bikes into electric bikes – in turn, drastically reducing the number of vehicles on roads and making long distance cycling easier than ever.

&SISTERS, on the other hand, are an eco-friendly period care company – working towards the elimination of single-use plastic in the menstrual health market. At present, they are the largest plastic-free period care brand in the UK, with products spanning 100% organic cotton pads, liners and tampons to reusable period cups. &SISTERS has so far saved a staggering 30 million period products from entering landfill.

OnePlanet will be open for investment again from 6th April.

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