Property News Update

Recent research into the London property market has suggested that almost 20,000 homes in the capital lay unoccupied for more than 6 months during 2016. Somewhat surprisingly, the borough containing the most unoccupied houses was the affluent borough of Kensington and Chelsea, with 1,399 houses sitting empty. It is often the case that investors are purchasing property and then leaving them to sit empty as the property value increases.

While arguably having an adverse effect on the surrounding Chelsea community, two positives can be taken from this new information. Firstly, that Kensington and Chelsea property still represents good capital value for investors. The typically high standard properties developed and maintained in the area have retained their status as the go-to luxury asset in the London residential property sphere. Through our relationships with developers and agents, the Wilton Group is able to source high standard property investment opportunities for investors, often securing exclusive off-market deals for our clients and assisting them through the whole process until completion.

We have successfully sourced a number of such opportunities in the Chelsea locality and indeed throughout the whole of London. Please feel free to get in touch with a member of our property sourcing team on or 0207 355 3525.

The second positive is applicable for those clients who already own property in Kensington and Chelsea, or indeed anywhere in London. It is often the case that the primary motivation for purchasing a London property is the capital value of the asset as per the above paragraph. A second motivation behind the purchase is for the property to provide a yield through rental income generated from the property. Rather than leaving a purchased property idle to only benefit from capital growth, it is in the investor’s best interest to find tenants for the property to provide rental income.

In the current market, Prime Central London residential property is typically achieving rental yields of 2 – 4% per annum. Generally speaking, the further away from Prime Central London the property is located, the higher the rental yields will be. Areas such as Hounslow or Havering are currently achieving rental yields between 3% – 7% per annum.

As well as sourcing property investment opportunities for clients, Wilton also manage both BTL and end user properties on behalf of our clients. Our dedicated property management team offers comprehensive professional support via the following service lines: sourcing tenants for clients’ properties, liaising with the tenants, collecting rental income, taking care of maintenance and security issues, renewals of legally required certificates, insurance and provision of a 24 hour emergency phone number. For further information on Wilton’s property management and concierge services please contact our property management team on or 0207 355 3525. You can also find details on our website