Wilton IOM Features in Business 365 Magazine

Forging relationships, providing expert advice and delivering on professional service.

Wilton has this month been featured in Isle of Man Business 365 magazine with a focus on the professional services that we provide, including accountancy, business advisory and corporate and trust services. Wilton has on several occasions been described as “Mayfair’s best kept secret”. It’s no wonder that the independent professional services firm has been referred to as such, when they pride themselves on providing discreet and dedicated solutions to clients worldwide.

Accountancy services
Wilton helps to simplify the management of businesses and offers full management of accounts, profit and loss statements or annual reporting and accounts, registering a business for VAT and helping to complete returns and managing funds so there is adequate finance in place to meet VAT liability.

Business advisory services
Founding Member of Wilton, Nicole Hewson talks about business advisory services: “We want to make the capital work harder for our client’s businesses.” Another challenge for businesses can be in finding ways to improve performance management. “This can be a never-ending task and we want to help companies understand data and management information to make the decisions that keep them on track”.

Corporate and trust services
Wilton clients range from large corporations to high net worth individuals and over the years, Wilton has built on its promise of always putting their clients first. Wilton’s focus is on their ability to forge relationships, provide advice and deliver on their professional services. One long-standing client that took form in the Wilton Isle of Man office some 10 years ago is the online retail giant, Farfetch. The London-based luxury online marketplace recently filed for an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange this past September and raised $885 million after the flotation and is now valued at $5.8 billion.

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