Wilton Launch Risk Targeted Multi-Asset Investment Funds

We are delighted to introduce to you our Wilton Managed Portfolio service, bringing to you a range of risk targeted multi-asset investment funds.

The offering provides you with access to a discretionary management service at a much lower entry level than would normally be available and offers cost-effective global portfolio management across asset classes.

The portfolios are managed in accordance with Dynamic Planner risk profiles, with volatility targeted to stay within the boundaries assigned to each.

The portfolios can be held within the following wrappers: general investment accounts, ISAs, and SIPPs.

Why choose Wilton?

Robust and repeatable: our central investment process ensures consistent implementation of asset allocation and fund selection relevant to each client’s risk profile.

Risk management: consistent implementation ensures appropriate risk management and reward relevant to each client’s risk profile.

Defined strategic allocation ranges: each portfolio has an agreed risk profile with agreed allocation ranges.

Multi-asset approach: a board cross-section of asset classes, many of which behave differently to the stock market as a whole.

For further information on our RT Managed Service and other Wilton investment services, click here. 

Contact a member of the team at wiltonwealth@wiltongroup.com or call on +44 (0) 20 7355 3525.