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Boris Johnson lifts Covid-19 restrictions in line with economy. The re-opening of pubs, restaurants and cinemas are key steps forward for property investors.

Wilton Secured Lending provide a competitive bridge product to support you achieve the best sale price possible.

We offer borrowers an attractive rate that is in line with industry standards:

Low rates   

Loans start from £250,000.00 at a maximum of 75% loan to value


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Fast Decisions 

Applications are reviewed immediately providing quick credit backed solutions


We will consider properties anywhere in England

About Wilton Secured Lending

Wilton Secured Lending is a boutique, bridge lender that offers lending opportunities with property backed investment returns. High net worth individuals often have considerable resources in their bank accounts that are earning little to no interest. We help our clients to protect and enhance their wealth by offering property backed secured lending opportunities

What We Do

Our lending investment offering provides funds on a secured basis for property bridging finance. Wilton source, manage and execute all loans secured by legal charge against UK property. Loans are backed by personal guarantees from Directors.

Due Diligence

External solicitors and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors conduct independent due diligence and valuations alongside Wilton’s investment committee prior to any investment being undertaken. We offer borrowers and investors an attractive rate that is in line with industry standards. For every opportunity, investors are contacted personally and offered details of the bridge should they take a particular interest. Loans are typically between £250,000 to £2,000,000, at a maximum of 75% loan to value.

Funds are typically lent on a 3-24 month basis. In the event of a default, Wilton reserve the right to sell the property to recover investors’ funds. Funds will never be deployed into an opportunity without complete authorisation from the borrower. Typically the borrower has a strong vested interest in repaying the loan because he stands to make significant profits on the transaction. To date, we have completed over 30 transactions with no loss to our investors.


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