Emergex signs a multi- million dollar deal with Vickers VC managed by Dr. Finian Tan, early stage Baidu investor– often refereed to as China's Google.

London, United Kingdom – Wilton, the Mayfair adviser, is very pleased to announce that one of their portfolio companies Emergex, has recently raised sufficient funding to take them through Phase I clinical trials on their most advanced product, the vaccine for Dengue fever in Switzerland and in two regions where dengue fever is endemic.

­As seed investors, Wilton and our clients have been part of the Emergex story from a very early stage (Read more here). At this latest pre- money valuation, of £74.7m our clients have accrued a 14.9x return on their investment to date.

Vickers Venture Partners are one of the worlds leading Venture Capital investors. Their Fund IV was rated No1. globally of its vintage. Vickers Venture’s principal investor is Dr. Finian Tan, whose most famous investment was in the Chinese tech monster Baidu, often referred to as China’s Google with over 174 million daily active users and is the second largest search engine in the world. Dr. Tan follows a global investment strategy focused on technology and geography trends, with over 8 offices globally and 3 billion under management.

As Emergex move into the next phase of their development Wilton will continue to provide further support.

Emergex management has expressed confidence that by the end of 2020 Emergex will have a significantly increased its valuation based on its most advanced product, a Dengue fever vaccine. From our market research Wilton has identified several companies that would attract a valuation of £300m or more  which could be compared to Emerged by the end of 2020.

Wilton believes the company has several other exciting products which if successful could create a multiple uplift in value. This gives the company the potential to be a multi billion Pound business. This could be the second Unicorn company from Wilton’s portfolio taken from seed level. The first was Farfetch, which started at 26 Grosvenor Street using Wilton’s services and support to grow into a billion dollar company which listed in September 2018.

Emergex is a biotechnology company, based in Abingdon near Oxford, pioneering a novel approach to the development of vaccines for infectious diseases. Using purely synthetic components to activate T- cells, allowing the immune system to destroy virus-infected human cells. They aim to address some of the world’s most acute health threats such as Dengue, Zika, Ebola, pandemic flu and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

James Robson, Head of Financial Services at Wilton commented: “The funding from Vickers Venture provides the company with a substantial, secure, capital platform from which it can start generating revenue forthwith”

The Wilton Group’s Founder and Managing Partner, Tony Flanagan commented, “Emergex could easily be at the forefront of changing the vaccine development landscape, and have the potential to be a market leader in this area. Wilton’s many years of corporate finance experience and meticulous research methods allow us to identify and work with companies such as Emergex.”

Here at Wilton, we are constantly researching and looking for similar investment opportunities that provide long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships for our clients, investors and the companies we invest in. Emergex is a high risk investment suitable only for experienced, high net worth and sophisticated investors.

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