Closed: 29 July 2017

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What we did for the company

  • Conduct legal, financial and commercial due diligence for the purpose of drafting a vendor due diligence report
  • Raise finance
  • A £5 million equity offering for Emergex Vaccines Holding Limited in return for 50% of the equity. £5 million pre-money value

Company details

  • Emergex pioneered the field of nanotechnology for biological use and developed that technology over a 15 year period after founding a successful AIM/NASDAQ listed nanotechnology company.
  • EmergexVaccines Limited is focused on the development of T-Cell vaccines for infectious viral and bacterial diseases that include Ebola Virus, Dengue Virus, Marburg Virus, Influenza virus, meningitis X, bacterial pneumonia, and other emerging zoonotic agents.